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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Companies |

Samsung establish guilt in the death of a worker by cancer

Samsung establish guilt in the death of a worker by cancer

A government organization in South Korea called Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service, part of the ministry of labor, has concluded that the death in March 2012 of an employee of 36 years, who have referred to only as “Kim”, saves a “substantial relationship” with their work in one of the factories of Samsung, because the woman’s alleged exposure to radioactive and organic solvents.

This would have caused breast during the five years that worked for Samsung, which was conducted during 1995 and 2000, assuming great importance to the fact that a government agency has actually recognized the situation, and in fact, has issued a payment of money to the victim’s family as compensation for what happened, to which through a spokesman said no appeal to the decision, since the worker performing daily twelve-hour days without a detector closest radiation, which was accused by activists groups but not surfaced until now, to communicate the sad death of Kim.

Link: SKorea says Samsung chip plant Caused cancer (Yahoo! News)

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