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Posted by on Jul 6, 2013 in Social Networks |

Samsung Executive among survivors of plane crash in San Francisco

Samsung Executive among survivors of plane crash in San Francisco

This Saturday a Boeing 777 from Seoul suffered a serious accident at the time of landing at the airport in San Francisco, in the United States. On board were 291 passengers and 16 crew members who were faced with an extreme situation as the plane made its final approach to the runway.

As the minutes ticked by growing uncertainty. Had no further information regarding the real scope of an accident that looked pretty bad, the other passengers to board their respective flights were witnesses and local networks and national took enough to say something about it.

That was how social networks were the primary means by which information flowed from witnesses and even from the survivors as they were evacuated from the wreckage. Among them was David Eun, an executive from Samsung coming back to the U.S. from South Korea and that it captured a stunning image of the plane and passengers being taken in front of a very dense column of smoke.

“We just crashing on landing in San Francisco. The tail was torn. Almost all seem fine. I’m OK. This is surreal, “Eun shared by and then by along with the photo above, which was quickly intensively distributed through this latest social network graphic testimony of what happened.

Even before the first American TV channel did a dispatch about the crash, a video was shared on YouTube that showed the extent of the accident.

Contrary to the versions that were given a few minutes after the accident compared to everyone involved had survived, finally 2 persons died from their injuries. The causes are being investigated, although some experts have been quick to say that the conditions were perfect for the landing and put the onus on human error.

Link: David Eun (Twitter)

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