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Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Gadgets |

Samsung Galaxy NX [at first glance]

Samsung Galaxy NX [at first glance]

It is the first camera with Android, but Samsung has repeated the model with integrated camera, this time in a chamber with a body that can be connected interchangeable lens NX entire current range.

If this is a first glance, the first view is a great camera on a large scale, but in reality, when the subject for the first time especially surprised by two things. The first is that it is heavy, surprisingly light for a mirrorless camera trying to get away from the traditional DSLR to move to a newer model.

Samsung Galaxy NX [at first glance] image 2

But without doubt, the latter is more surprising is its large screen. That huge 4.7-inch screen on the conditions that we have presented, it looks amazing. It is true that Samsung screens tend to exaggerate about contrasting colors and if there seems to be some exaggeration, but certainly surprised how great everything looks.

Samsung Galaxy NX [at first glance] image 3

Perhaps one of the most important points Galaxy NX, with this big screen, with Android operating system and the possibilities to use other applications, can be coupled to any lenses, on a computer, maybe not for professionals , but for enthusiasts quite interested in what “next”.

Link: The Samsung Galaxy NX Android is official

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