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Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Hardware |

Samsung goes up by 20% the price of components to Apple

Samsung goes up by 20% the price of components to Apple

Currently, and compete in the arena of smartphones, tablets, notebooks and various other kinds of technological devices, becoming the two biggest players in the industry, where the iPhone and the Galaxy S are the iconic brands of each. But rarely gives one serves the other, and now, that being the case we will see the consequences of that.

For Samsung, which supplies chips to Apple to build their mobile devices, has begun to collect no less than 20% over its rival, without much explanation about it because of course, have that luxury. And it turns out that Apple, despite upward resist at first, finally had to give in and accept the terms of Samsung, as it was not able to find an alternative provider to meet their needs.

Rising already taken place, and the consumer side, we do not know if they will see a change in the prices of tablets iPad or iPhone, or Apple who will carry the weight of this move made by Samsung .

Recall that although Apple says they do-series processors (A5, A5X, A6, etc), in the world of silicon is different from reality as the company raises the bitten apple: the chip design is based in fact for any ARM, then have people in Cupertino slightly customize the drawing and then send it to Samsung, who is finally having factories to convert the metal in a microprocessor.

Link: Samsung raising price on Apple chips, report claims (ipodnn)

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