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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Hardware News |

Samsung is developing microprocessors for servers based on ARMv8

Samsung is developing microprocessors for servers based on ARMv8

In recent months Samsung is dedicated to recruiting from AMD played key roles in the development of Fusion APU: Ontario, Zacate and Llano, and the development of Opteron microprocessors for servers , these contracts would ensure that planned expand their business into the server area.

As we reported from Xtreview, rumors eventually confirmed, it was discovered that Samsung is developing microprocessor aimed at low-power server architecture based on ARMv8 to 64-bit architecture that is quite popular using in their soc although in his 32-bit edition (Cortex-A8/A9/A15).

But the server segment is not the only one that Samsung want to enter, it is also readying new SoC targeted for use in notebooks and desktop PCs, which will be based on the new operating system Microsoft Windows RT.

Apparently Samsung joins the current trend of many other ARM SoC manufacturers to compete directly in markets dominated by x86/x86-64 architecture, which will bring greater diversity in these segments and more options to users.

It is expected that the first servers based SoC Samsung make their appearance in 2014, while the SoC focused on notebooks and desktop PCs queizá make their appearance long before branded Exynos or perhaps a new one.


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