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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Hardware News |

Samsung makes aggressive investment to produce 14nm chips

Samsung makes aggressive investment to produce 14nm chips

Wafer to 14nm.

brand more ground every day in the field of chip manufacturing, announcing now that will open a new factory in Hwaseong, South Korea, which is preparing for 2013 and will focus on making models 20nm manufacturing processes and 14nm.

To do this, the company intends to invest no less than USD $ 1,900 million in the development of new technologies for the production lines necessary to bring life to products, which will be used primarily on platforms that move mobile devices, an area of great interest for Samsung success thanks to its line of smartphones Galaxy.

This intends to position itself ahead of the competition by using his big sack of to invest in innovations that achieve, for example, take the reign Qualcomm and its current line of 28nm SoC , which takes advantage of the Exynos 4 Quad to 32nm Samsung mobile that move the Galaxy S III.

Link: Samsung ready to invest in next-gen chip production: here comes 20nm and 14nm events (Engadget)

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