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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Science |

Samsung patent requests robot mimic human behavior

Samsung patent requests robot mimic human behavior

Every time we heard any news about unconsciously imagine the first thing we are smartphones, televisions and countless other electronic devices it manufactures. However, the South Korean firm is a versatile and does not focus on one product.

Now, applied for a patent for a robot. To be more precise, it’s 4 new records, of which half contain enough interesting aspects to highlight.

A patent explains how the to mimic the way humans walk, a characteristic quite different from the typical walking robots we already know. Meanwhile, the other patent related would imitate the movement that makes our chest every time you breathe, features that continue to amaze and they give us to the view that the possible future Samsung robot could perhaps mingle with us.

Although the registration and registration of is not to be decisive implemented these inventions immediately, if we are given a background on what things they were thinking of different manufacturers. Time will tell if Samsung is one of the first to create a robot capable of surprising.

Link: Samsung’s robot mimics human patent walk (Ubergizmo)

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