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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Companies, Software |

Samsung plans to revive the Start menu in Windows 8

Samsung plans to revive the Start menu in Windows 8

Changes of 8 have unnerved many, considering it is the most radical reshaping the operating system has been in several years. One of the points of conflict with the traditionalists is the disappearance of the traditional start menu, that appears when you press the “Windows key”.

plans to revive this menu in on their computers, hoping that this will be a competitive differentiator and more accustomed to the Windows 7 system prefer a Korean team for this feature. PCs “all in one” presented by the company today come with this feature, as could find Mashable.

The menu is called “S Launcher” and function as a widget that will work as the that we know, including instant search.

Windows 8 has its own ways to search and find the features we had in earlier versions of the operating system, but there is no doubt that you will like to have several backup the traditional menu to venture into a new system.

Link: How Samsung is making Windows 8 less scary (Mashable)

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