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Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Hardware |

Samsung puts a price on its first curved OLED TV

Samsung puts a price on its first curved OLED TV

Finally, will put price and date-attempt-to his first curved TVs showed some time ago at CES 2013. The device will start shipping during this month in South Korea, and will cost the modest?? sum of USD $ 13,000.

Samsung also announced that it plans to carry these 55 inch screens elsewhere, but did not specify exactly what would those countries. Should be taken for granted his arrival in the major European markets, while sales in North America (United States) is still in’ll see.

According to the Reuters report, Samsung would be having some problems in the production line of OLED screens. The numbers appear to be very high for certain is said that 7 out of 10 would leave defective screen, since due to their large size is difficult to distribute in a good way organic materials throughout the panel.

Problems aside, these models look very interesting. One of the graces is that, despite the curvature, the image is not deformed or anything like that. CES In the past we already had access to the first models both Samsung and LG, which boasts of having the first OLED 3D curved and also the entire universe as we know it.

Those interested can start saving for import from Korea.

Link: Samsung OLED TV rolls out production glitches as linger (Reuters)

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