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Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in Companies |

Samsung recorded the brand “Samsung Gear” smart watches possibly

This June 27 last year, made ​​a legal move that few noticed: intellectual property is registered brand “Samsung Gear” in the patent office of the United States, being listed a long list of possible products that could be under the eaves of this portfolio, all related to electronics and software.

Whereas Spanish “gear” means “equipment” and is related to things that one puts on the body, we may think that Samsung is the brand that would include devices like smart watches, which is evident when the record is read sent intellectual Samsung, which explicitly refer to watches, bracelets and devices “communicate with personal digital assistants and smart phones.”

Now, if you think about it, this kind of legal moves can be one of the last things made by companies before releasing a product on the market because they are procedures that can not hide from the public domain and reveal in some part Samsung plans, so having a South Korean smart way, certainly is very close.

Who will come first? Samsung or Apple?? Recall that a couple of days ago we also learn that Apple had similar intellectual record , only the brand “iWatch” (iReloj). This will ignite the war of smart watches as soon as this year 2013, with two of the largest technology companies as protagonists.

Link: Samsung registers “Samsung Gear ‘trademark, brand smartwatch possible? (Electronista)

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