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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Companies |

Samsung senior executive uses and praises Apple products

Samsung senior executive uses and praises Apple products

is the chief strategist at Samsung, a senior who carries a number of responsibilities, including praise no competition. But Sohn missed the meeting where it is established, it has come forward saying he uses devices in your home, including those that can have a Mac, an iPad tablet and iPhone.

Everyone owns have gadgets that you crave, however, went beyond man and praised the ecosystem surrounding Apple products, highlighting the application environment around OS X and especially to iOS . And last but not least, a review launched his own company, saying that is too focused and centered on the products themselves, ie tangible devices, rather than the software and services, remembering again that Apple has as iCloud services that complement the experience, rather than just having a product in hand.

Link: Samsung exec admits Apple’s products have better ecosystem, use them at home (The Verge)

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