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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Internet |

Samsung TVs are vulnerable with Smart TV

Samsung TVs are vulnerable with Smart TV

(CC) Thomas Hawk

If you’re one of those people who has a ‘Smart TV’ of connected to the Internet, you probably can hackearte Luigi Auriemma and install malicious software, enter the USB-connected devices to the or just change the channel.

Auriemma is a expert ReVuln Maltese company, and says he found a vulnerability in most of Samsung TV models it easier to find your IP address in order to log in remotely as root to the machine and do everything you can do being physically close to the TV.

“At this point the hacker has complete control over the device,” Auriemma said . “We’re talking about installing firmwares, spy on the victim if the TV has a microphone and camera, steal credentials and guardads accounts on the device, use their certificates when you enter https sites and track every activity of the victim as sites visited or photos. You become the TV “.

Link: Security Experts Show How Samsung’s Smart TV Could Be Watching You! (Forbes)

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