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Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Hardware News |

Samsung unveils new file system for NAND flash memory F2FS

Samsung unveils new file system for NAND flash memory F2FS

The project’s goal is implemented in the for use later on phones.

An interesting contribution is just made by Samsung, to submit to the Linux community around a new file system called F2FS, acronyms mean as follows, is targeted for use in the organization files on mass devices based on memory.

The company showed the project as open source, pretending to be approved for direct implementation in the Linux kernel, which would add thirteen thousand lines of code to what is now the basis of many operating systems like Ubuntu and Android, with the latter being used in mobile phones and tablets Samsung, explaining the company’s decision to go with open source thither.

As explained, the new file system designed specifically for memory with a file structure based on logs adapted to this removable storage class. This is because existing file systems are designed for use in rotary drives, which present problems in memory cards, for example, when cleaning the data. And is that “internal geometry of NAND flash memory has different characteristics”, say at Samsung, so the algorithms necessary for the location of files for reading and removing them must change.

Link: Samsung Introduces New Linux File-System: F2FS (Phoronix)

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