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Posted by on Jul 5, 2013 in Companies |

Samsung will build five new research and development centers in Korea

Samsung will build five new research and development centers in Korea

last thing you want is to stay stagnant in terms of technology and the products they sell, and earn as much money, well done to invest some of those profits. To do this, the Korean company plans to build five centers in South Korea over the next three years.

The total will reach 4,500 million. “The R & D centers are crucial to ensure success in an industry that changes rapidly and constantly,” according to comments rescued by the Korea Times. Only one of the new research centers cost around 1,000 million dollars, will be located south of Seoul, and inside will bring together more than 10,000 employees will range from designers to developers.

Last year, Samsung has already invested over 10,000 million dollars in research, a very high amount for a process that does not deliver returns in the short term. However, the key signature is the future projection, since according to a researcher at the company “Samsung will not survive if it fails to develop products that deliver value to their customers.”

The first new research centers will begin operating in 2014, focused on the development of chips and flat screens. At least, the huge investment ensures the existence of Samsung for a few more years.

Link: Samsung to build 5 R & D hubs (Korea Times)

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