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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Hardware News |

Sandy Bridge represents 60% of the turnover of Intel CPUs

Sandy Bridge represents 60% of the turnover of Intel CPUs

A few days ago we learned that the Fusion APU represent 72.5% of the turnover of AMD CPUs , and comes from Digitimes a similar report, but this time focused on microprocessors.

According to the report, the consumption of Intel microprocessors based on the microarchitecture (Sandy Bridge-DT, Sandy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-MB-ULV) represent 60% of the of Intel CPUs, followed by microprocessors consumption (Ivy Bridge-DT, Ivy Bridge and Ivy Bridge-MB-ULV) with 34%, 4% for and 2% for the top-end microprocessors (Core Extreme Edition) .

Intel hopes to change that situation for next year, where he expects to half of 2013, Ivy Bridge representing 75% to 78% of its sales volume, and expects both Atom and Sandy Bridge-E fall by 20%, while its new consumer microprocessors (those expected from April to June 2013) achieved a turnover of 4%, which will grow to 20% in the following months.

To boost sales of Ivy Bridge in December discontinue several microprocessors Intel Sandy Bridge: Core i7-2700K, Core i5-2310, Core i3-2105, Pentium G870, Pentium G645, G645T Pentium, Pentium G440, Celeron G555, Celeron G550 and Celeron G550T, which will be discontinued before the end of this year to clear their way the new microprocessors Ivy Bridge-DT: Pentium G2130, Pentium G2020, G2020T Pentium, Celeron G1620, Celeron and Celeron G1610 G1610T, which will arrive between January to March next year.

Intel also plans to release new dual-core microprocessors Bridge-MB/ULV Ivy laptop among which are: Core i7-3687, Core i5-3437U, Celeron 1037U, 1007U Celeron, Celeron and Celeron 1020m 1000M, which also come from January to March 2013, which also dates to discontinue Sandy Bridge CPUs Celeron 807 and Celeron B730.

Anyway, even though Sandy Bridge represents 60% of Intel’s sales volume, before the end of this year will be discontinued, forcing Ivy Bridge take place. Sandy Bridge-E LGA 2011 socket does not have a replacement set, so it may continue to be made until the end of 2013, the expected successor to Ivy Bridge-E.

Link: Intel CPU roadmap updates for 1Q13 (Digitimes)

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