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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Hardware Articles |

Saving electronics spills or dirt

Saving electronics spills or dirt

In Chile, patriotic holidays are approaching, synonymous with many celebrations where alcohol will be starring. Let’s face it: as much as we are in danger also our technological gadgets such as mobile phones and PC peripherals.

Because they lack the time when our inner DJ comes to light during the holidays and accidentally, a glass of brew magical fall on our keyboard. Or worse, if you accidentally involuntary, the drops to the toilet in search of new horizons.

In all cases, we are facing a disgrace that only sometimes can have a happy ending. Because obviously, electronics generally have little resistance to wet accidents, however, there are some tips that we can continue to increase our chances of success in rescuing damaged that artifact.

He dropped the phone to the “water”

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In the office we discussed what was better: if you fall to your or alcohol. We agree, for our own peace of mind and without any scientific basis, which is better than some vodka or Pisco fall on our devices, because unlike water, were more volatile liquid and therefore would dry faster from the bowels the equipment.

We have no idea if this is true in practice, but we do know that during the holidays we drink in the following order, from least to most-: water, juice, beer, wine, pisco, vodka, brandy. A necessary sacrifice for the good of our phones.

But seriously, there is little that can be done in case of spills on an electronic gadget. If that happens, the tips to follow in order are:

  1. First of all, and if we have the faculty for that, get the water moving as soon as possible.
  2. Then, remove the battery or energy source. Electricity and liquids are not a good mix.
  3. Remove your SIM card and microSD, if you have. For if we lose the phone, at least be saved contacts and inside information.
  4. TEAM Do not shake. The idea is to treat the water does not reach the inner plate and wherein the processor circuitry is exposed.
  5. Disarm your team as much as possible during the first few minutes. Here we are not talking about taking a screwdriver (or screwdriver?) And remove all but simply remove as much as possible to reduce the number of spaces that have formed bags of water, continue to team internally draining fluids. Color covers and stuff out.
  6. Cleaned with absorbent towel or vacuum if possible. By no means a blow dryer or something: as we said, the idea is to get the water out, not put it inside.
  7. A dry well: if we have time, fill a plate with rice and leave the phone there about 12 or 24 hours. That same under sunlight is even better.
  8. For the first time in the whole process, put the battery. Does it work? Hopefully, and if not, we still have one last option: Now take the screwdriver, disassemble the equipment as possible and with a cloth or lint-cloth, cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. This is more complicated, but when all is lost, better than nothing.

To clean the keyboard

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One of the peripherals that are more dirt accumulate traditional computer keyboards. All kinds of objects can fall and impede the movement of the right buttons, which often results in their becoming stuck and have trouble typing correctly.

This so low, because sometimes, straight stop working. Replacing a generic keyboard is not as terrible as the prices are low. But celebrations surrounded dates money is more valuable than ever and if we can rescue the peripheral, the better.

  1. Dalo and strike back at the base to bring down the large pieces of food.
  2. Use alcohol or a volatile liquid to moisten a soft cloth and wipe the keyboard surface.
  3. If not enough, the last option is always out and wipe down the keys. Here we must consider what kind of keyboard have, and if we can do this. Because in most cases, simply use a thin object and pry firm spaces between keys and lift them to come out. However, we risk breaking any parts if the peripheral is not designed for this, something that happens in almost all keyboards for notebooks and laptops.
  4. Once disarmed, the keys dip in soapy water to loosen the dirt.
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