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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Entertainment, Gadgets |

Scare your friends with these cockroach-robot remote control

The cockroach robot that illustrates this post is called Gokiraji and is a perfect toy if you want to scare someone who dread having to mosquitoes.

It has legs, antennae, wings and even a light to shine in dark places. It works by remote control and its battery is recharged via USB. It costs $ 21 and can be ordered from the page JTT Online Shop .

In its descriptive video shows how more than two Gokiraji activated simultaneously, why scare someone with a cockroach robot when you can do with a group of robot cockroaches?

Outside the joke and recreational use, I do not see many more applications to this gadget, perhaps to do some funny video or something like that. Then the Gokiraji in action:

Link: Remote-controlled robot roaches ready to infest your nightmares (Dvice)

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