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Posted by on Oct 21, 2012 in Science, Software | 1 comment

Scientific paper accepted mathematical randomly generated totally meaningless

Scientific paper accepted mathematical randomly generated totally meaningless

Last August, the agreed to the publication of a paper (read a scientific paper), not without some considerations and corrections to be made to the document. The approval came in just 12 days, a short time considered within the scientific field.

This would seem an odd, if not for this paper was created randomly by software Mathgen. The grace is that it can make such documents and postulates grammatically correct way, but then not have any sense mathematically. That was the case of the publication in question, which read very nice but that was basically nothing, total nonsense theories and mathematical formulas.

The most curious (and funny) thing is that the revision was made by a person of flesh and blood, as well as approval, something that speaks very poorly of the magazine and its discretion to accept publications. The paper was signed by Professor Marcie Rathke, of the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople, either (teacher and institution) exist in real life.

The scientific trolleo worth Sheldon Cooper was actually the work of Nate Eldregde, the creator of Mathgen. With this, Eldregde can prove that at the time of writing these documents Mathgen works more than just fine, although the paper finally not been published because, in addition to the corrections needed $ 500 to appear in Advances in Pure Mathematics ( whose credibility is compromised enough).

Link: Math Journal Paper Accepts Nonsense Generated by Computer Program (Geekosystem)

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  1. Are not any of the people involved with the peer review process familiar with P.D.Q. Bach and “professor” Peter Schickele?