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Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Science |

Scientist creates a cloaking device for U.S. $ 150

Scientist creates a cloaking device for U.S. $ 150

John Howell, a professor at the University of Rochester, New York, managed to design a system that becomes unseen to a person who goes through your line of business, for all the optical spectrum a viewing, for the modest sum of $ 150. Using his sons Isaac and little Benjamin, filmed the experiment and posted it on Youtube to make the results public.

The reason for the low cost of this system is that it is not a complex dematerialize resource for someone, but a camouflage system, based on a known optical effect using mirage rebounds. One can appreciate the difference in distance between the two mirrors when the subject disappears is positioned closer to the top and the glass that remains visible, closer to the wall.

According to Howell, the camouflage system is within the known as Cloaking, hide an object based on certain visual frequencies.

A link to a file. pdf , Professor Howell describes the construction and materials used by him and his college team , among which are Flexiglass, containers with water in the form of L, lenses and mirrors camouflage inexpensive.

Link: Scientists unveil That invisibility cloaks hide objects and data (digital journal)

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