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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Science |

Scientists are able to transform brain waves into music

Scientists are able to transform brain waves into music

Does the sound of the brain? Some scientists pose and the result of this research, by people from the University of Electronic and Technology, China, who have managed to translate two types of waves in musical instructions, which are then interpreted by an electronic musical instrument.

The idea is to create a reflection of brain activity that instead of generating images, can be represented through sound, in this case of a piano melodies delivering results somewhat meaningless to what are the current musical standards, but responsive to the intensity and duration of the stimuli received through the head of the person. Want to know how to listen? Scientists have made available. Mp3 files through here , here , here and also here .

Thus, although this finding does not “remove” really sound mind and pass it to speakers, serves as apronte new ways to measure brain activity, generating perhaps better diagnostics for diseases related to the mind in the future as well being a first approach to the establishment of relations between and the brain.

Link: Listen to the sounds of the human mind: Remixed brain scans reveal our inner music (Mail Online)

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