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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

Scientists at the University of California developed a new type of ultra efficient Meram

Scientists at the University of California developed a new type of ultra efficient Meram

Technology type memories (Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory, or RAM magnetoresistive) has just received a major step forward, thanks to the efforts of a group of researchers and engineers from the School of Engineering and Science You apply at the University of California ( UCLA). And because of this, these memories could potentially be up to 1,000 times more efficient than existing MRAM.

This new technology is called (magnetoelectric Random-Access Memory, RAM Magnetoelectric), and process design work includes voltage manipulation of nanostructures stacked in layers composing these memories. With the changes in voltage, electrons move over each layer ranging and writing (or alter) the data stored in memory.

With this new type of procedure, neglects currently applied electric current to the MRAM, which generates heat and limiting the density of stored bits. The Meram designed by researchers also allows for greater fuel efficiency, increase up to five times the density of the packages, and when non-volatile memory, it is believed that potentially could replace flash memories today abound in modern devices.

It is noteworthy that the technology behind the current MRAM is already superior in some respects to the traditional RAM, but its large “downside” is just the heat generated by working. Hence, from the highlight energy efficiency as one of the main advantages of this new Meram, but researchers also believe it is “equally important that allows extremely dense MRAM”, which opens the door to “new areas application where costs and capabilities are the main barriers to overcome. “

Link: UCLA Engineers Develop new energy-efficient computer memory using magnetic materials (via TechReport)

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