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Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Science |

Scientists develop spray-on battery

Scientists develop spray-on battery

at in Houston, Texas developed a paint can store and provide electrical power as if it were a real battery. Thus, this battery-spray paint comes complete with the classic elements of batteries for incorporation in a liquid solution that can be applied on almost any surface layer. This then implies that most of the objects could become an electrical storage device.

The layers of this “electric painting” was done with airbrush on different surfaces, such as a ceramic bowl which became transformed into an object that stores electricity. The paint layers represent different components of a traditional battery, ie, two current collectors, an anode, a cathode and a polymer separator in between.

One limitation of this product is that to create a new requires a dry, oxygen-free, in addition to working with liquid electrolyte that are difficult to handle. are currently looking at how the component will allow the creation outdoors to make production more efficient and commercially viable.

Thus, they are confident that the technology may be integrated with solar energy for any energy receiving surface is independent and also has the ability to store it.

Link: Scientists Develop spray-on battery, electrical turns Into Any object storage (SlashGear)

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