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Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Science |

Scientists develop system “translator” of the language of chickens

For what purpose would be known that they are “talking” a group of chickens? Probably the quickest response many people would be “to see if they are planning a mass escape.” But there are other reasons of weight, and it is these that motivated the scientists at the to design something like a “polluno language translator.”

The explanation of how the system is easier than its implementation. Scientists set out to record the sound made by birds in normal life, and then began to modify some parameters to see if other conditions changed that sound more complicated, for example, increasing the temperature. The final idea is the result of the study of sound, creating an automated system to improve the lives of birds and in the same way, the productivity of breeding animals in terms of having healthier, larger, and need less quantities of drugs because his life is more pleasant.

Currently, these systems are automated, but respond to parameters entered by the owners of the birds and not to the “requests” from the same animals, so completing this project successfully can be very beneficial to producers for the category .

Apparently the project is progressing well so far, but expect further testing with more animals and see if the solution is finally viable. With something on the farm of Tweedy, the film did not exist.

Link: Poultry scientists working on “chicken translator” (Gizmag)

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