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Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Science |

Scientists find spiral galaxy ‘should not exist’

(C) Joe Bergeron

The grand design spiral galaxy BX442 was christened and is estimated to have an antiquity of 10,700 million years (only 3 billion years after the Big Bang), being the oldest spiral ever observed. “The vast majority of old look like a disaster. The first thing I thought was why it is so different and so beautiful? “Said the of the University of California Alice Shapley, coauthor of the publication of the journal Nature which unveiled the discovery.

The author of the publication, David Law , said the fact that there is this galaxy is somewhat surprising. “Our current knowledge indicates that the grand design spiral galaxies simply did not exist at such early stages of the universe,” said astrophysicist.

A grand design spiral galaxy has well-defined arms, but getting there requires a long time. Because of this, galaxies formed at the same time as the BX442 are very irregular, so that when it was discovered this galaxy, astronomers could not believe it and thought it might be an alignment of two different galaxies.

The researchers speculate that this galaxy must have formed with the help of a dwarf galaxy that circulates around the BX442 and you can see at the top right of the image. Simulations indicate that the gravitational interaction between galaxies, which seem to be in the process of collision-could have helped the BX442 to take shape that shocked the world of astronomers.

Scientists find spiral galaxy 'should not exist' image 2

Link: Hubble has spotted an ancient galaxy That Should not exist (io9)

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