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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Science |

Scientists invent chips that dissolve in the body

Scientists invent chips that dissolve in the body

Scientists have created ultra thin electronic devices that dissolve in the body once they are no longer useful. The research was published in the journal Science , detailing how this may disappear in its environment, such as water or body fluids, once the function ends.

Currently existing implants, for example, a dispensed or delivered pacing, but not dissolved and in some cases must be removed by surgery.

Researchers John Rogers, a materials scientist at the University of Illinois, Fiorenzo Omenetto, Tufts University biomedical engineer, and Youggang Huang of Northwestern University created several devices with soluble materials, as an imaging system that monitors the tissues within a mouse a thermal pad that prevents infections after surgery, solar cells and temperature sensors.

The devices are made of silicon and a small circuit of magnesium oxide encapsulated by a protective layer of tissue which can be absorbed easily and without damage to the human body.

“From the earliest days of the electronics industry, a key design goal has been to build devices that will last a lifetime, with a completely stable performance. But if you consider the opposite possibility, devices that are made to disappear physically in a controlled and planned, open other application opportunities completely different, “Rogers said in a statement.

Researchers say they can do almost any electronic device or high optical performance that can dissolve. In their latest experiment, they created a device designed to generate heat and kill germs in areas recently operated, to prevent infection after surgery. The apparatus operated in mice by more than a week, until coverage of silk dissolved enough to let the body fluids disarm device.

This technology could also be used outside of medicine, such as to develop mobile phones and other devices to dissolve after a certain number of years, avoiding generating mountains of electronic waste.

Link: Scientists Invent Vanishing Electronics That Dissolve in the Body (Medical Daily)

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