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Posted by on Sep 1, 2012 in Science |

Scientists returned their sight to partially blind woman with a bionic eye

Scientists returned his sight to partially blind woman with a bionic eye

Scientists from government financing consortium with Bionic Vision Australia managed surgically inserted first prototype of a of 24 electrodes that restored some sight to a blind woman allowing him to return to see shapes of objects.

“I do not know what to expect when suddenly I saw a small flash, was incredible,” said Dianne Ashworth patient , who suffered from a hereditary disease called retinitis pigmentosa.

The next step for the scientists is to improve the prototype bionic of the patient, which has integrated electrodes that stimulate nerve cells so in a controlled environment, scientists can adjust the operation to help Ashworth to recognize more types of forms. It’s not perfect but it is a breakthrough.

Later scientists say they plan to create more versions of the bionic eye electrodes. They believe that a person with 98 electrodes could recognize objects with 1,024 large and could recognize faces.

Link: In World First, Scientists Surgically Implant a Working Bionic Eye Blind In Patient (Popular Science)

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