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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Science |

Scientists try to dig up the mantle of the Earth

Scientists try to dig up the mantle of the Earth

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From Journey to the Center of the Earth and perhaps before, people have wondered how is what is inside our planet. The truth is that although we have the space to look through telescopes and discover what lies beyond our planet, which is within the Earth remains difficult to explore.

A group of scientists now expect to dig a hole that reaches the Earth’s in 2020, using drills ocean giants. Taladrear cover the Earth, which is relatively thin compared to what lies beyond, requires cross 6 km of seabed, for which a large ship should park on the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean. The hole would have only 30 cm in diameter, and effort cost about USD $ 1,000 million at least, money has not been collected.

The apparatus is used to taladrear Japanese exploration ship Chikyu, which already holds the record for creating the world’s deepest hole of 2.2 kilometers on the seabed. The is able to go much further, however, the technology still needs to improve to reach the center of the planet warm. The parties Chikyu last between 50 and 60 hours, and then must be replaced by the damage.

The deepest hole was done on Earth has more than 12,376 meters deep, dug by Exxon Mobil in August in western Russia. Not yet on the mantle, and is not directly vertical, but it proves that technology has advanced enough to think that we could reach the interior of the Earth in the not too distant future.

Link: Ambitious $ 1 billion project AIMS to drill a hole all the way to Earth’s mantle (PopSci)

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