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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Science |

Scientists use acoustic levitation to create better drugs

Scientists use acoustic levitation to create better drugs

Scientists at the Argonne National Laboratory in the United States created a new method to improve the process of developing drugs through the levitation-to-sound waves of droplets with different chemical solutions.

Us begin by explaining the structure of a substance can be amorphous or crystalline, where a drug of amorphous structure is more efficiently absorbed by the human body that it is more soluble crystalline and has a higher bioavailability, that is, lower doses are required for achieve the desired effect.

However, creating an amorphous drugs is not easy, because if a solution is evaporated when in contact with the container, it is more likely to solidify in its crystalline form. So to avoid this, a team led by physicist Chris Benmore must find a way to vaporize a liquid solution avoiding physical contact with any object

To achieve resorted to an acoustic levitator, a team originally created for NASA to simulate microgravity and consisting of two small speakers that generate sound waves with a frequency of about 22 kilohertz, a bit higher than the audible spectrum.

The speakers are located in the pointing vertically to each other, and when they are exactly aligned with the same frequency and amplitude, generate sound waves that interfere perfectly including generating a standing wave. In specific locations of this wave, known as nodes, no net transfer of energy, and this added to the sound pressure of the sound waves is sufficient to cancel the effects of gravity on light objects, they can levitate when in the nodes.

To levitate a substance is that it becomes easier amorphous structure, something relevant to consider as many drugs on the market are clear, which means they are not completely absorbed by the human body and we use more efficient . And while only small amounts of a substance can be ‘amorfizadas’ using this technique, however is a powerful analysis tool to better understand the conditions for creating amorphous structures.

Link: Scientists use levitation to create better pharmaceuticals with Fewer side effects (

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