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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Science |

Scientists warn that the Earth is approaching a point where changes will be irreversible

Scientists warn that the Earth is approaching a point where changes will be irreversible

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As we are behaving with the planet irreversibly changed in 10 years. It is the conclusion reached by a group of scientists in a study published in and which involved researchers from the Research Council (CSIC).

According to the data, there will be a reduction in biodiversity and severe changes in much of what we depend on today to support our quality of life, such as agriculture, forest products, clean water and others.

If until now man has transformed 43% of land area, by 2025 it is expected that we will have reached 50% and 55% by 2045.

The hazard warning is accompanied by an “emergency plan” to take action and, although the main causes of this situation does not cause any surprise and we all know because we have been saying for a long time: We grow too fast , we consume too many resources deplete fossil fuels and no time to recover.

Implications? According to Jordi Bascompte, one of the researchers who participated in the work, we are bringing about changes that can lead to a new planetary status. Seems that this change include “changes in the chemistry of the atmosphere and oceans” plus “major disruption Energy flows from the beginning to the end of the food chain. “

Specifically: The use of fossil fuels increased by 35% the atmospheric CO2 concentration caused the decrease of pH 0.05 in the ocean.

And more information: At present the population has an annual growth of about 77 million people, while between 10,000 and 400 years ago was 67,000 people. That is, now is almost 1,000 times higher than then. Also own the humans use 40% of global primary production and that limits on other species in access to these resources.

I humbly believe that the best way to help is to do everything possible as we can, as governments decide to take seriously or not these figures and suggest changes before it is too late. Recycle, control water consumption, use less the car …

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