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Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Science |

Scotland: Mills submarines to generate power with the power of water

Scotland: Mills submarines to generate power with the power of water

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We’re used to seeing fields full of stylized windmills white blades. Now comes the turn of the underwater world: The windmills generate energy here on the strength of ocean currents. The Scottish Government has already successfully tested a prototype of the company Scottish Power Renewable.

The mill is immersed in Scottish waters southwest of Eday island and runs to power homes and businesses on the island. This experience encourages researchers to think and in large scale projects. Anyway is small, has 29 square kilometers and about a hundred and twenty.

How do you control your operation? From the (EMEC) on the island and also from Glasgow via mobile connections and a camera that is attached to the prototype.

But they are also being tested in another site: In the area of Orkney, northern Scotland. A place where the mills are more likely to succeed in generating energy through the waters of the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean come together at high speed and also retreat every six hours.

Plans for the future of the Scottish Government: Place next year ten mills closer to Islay and below 100 in the Pentland Firth. The conquest of the oceans for new technologies seems a fact.

So probably in a few years in the soil have parks of windmills sea submarines. I guess that may not be placed on any site will depend on the currents, depth and access.

And one question we all ask how marine life will influence this new intrusion of man? At first, it seems that the mills are not the problems of the turbines that the French Government in the 60 placed at the surface to harness the energy of the sea. These turbines affecting other birds and marine life in general.

Let us hope that this new development of renewable energy we bring more advantages than disadvantages.

- Scottish Power Ltd.

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