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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Economy |

Scott Thompson is stepping down as CEO of Yahoo!

 A couple of weeks it emerged that Yahoo! would begin gradually to dismiss much of its payroll , in a move that, sad and everything seemed normal for a company in trouble. What is not normal and that almost no one imagined, is that the CEO of the company itself would be part of the group that was fired.

Scott Thompson was the CEO of Yahoo! since January until today May 13, when they finally decided that the former head up and ran no more in office. Do not go too far to understand why Thompson leaves office: recently and nothing was discovered that he had lied on his resume , attributing a degree that really did not have, such as that of computer engineer. The apologies were not enough.

The post of Chief Executive Officer of the disgraced giant now in the hands of Ross Levinsohn. But is not the only change in the group of brass, as Thompson fell with four other board members close to ex-CEO. And his replacement is named Fred Amoroso as president of the board of directors, along with another pair of men belonging to the investment firm Third Point. Among them, the activist Daniel Loeb.

The point is that the entry of people from Third Point is not far from fortuitous, since it was they who discovered the blunder committed by Scott Thompson in their roles. Third Point has almost 6% ownership of the company, and went some time going through the forms in their efforts to increase its presence among the directors, so all this move will come in handy.

For now, Ross Levinsohn is only the interim CEO of the company, pending the decisions taken by the new directory. In any case, given the recent history of CEOs of Yahoo! , is that things will change much if not last long in leadership.

Link: Yahoo! Names Fred Amoroso Chairman and Appoints Interim CEO Ross Levinsohn (Yahoo! News Center)

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