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Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Hardware News |

Seagate also noted excellent financial results

Seagate also noted excellent financial results

Expected. While with Western Digital say there is a “crisis of hard drives”, the financial reality of both companies is quite distant from it, first with WD reporting excellent figures a few days ago, and now, with taking the same steps .

Because as indicated by the official publication for the past three past few months the figure was sold at $4,500 million, with pure profit for the pocket of $1,000 million. As for the 2012 fiscal year complete, for economists ended June 29, total sales were USD $14,900 million, with of USD $2,900 million, figures quite high especially in the field of money that went directly into the coffers of the company.

Meanwhile, we are waiting to formalize the purchase of OCZ by Seagate , which probably paid by the pool of money they are accumulating, raising suspicions that in fact the rise in prices of hard drives is not following a “crisis” triggered by floods in Thailand, as they say both companies, but rather a concerted pricing for Western Digital and Seagate are carrying out the work as duopoly .

Link: Seagate Reports Fiscal Fourth Quarter 2012 and Year-End 2012 Financial Results (TechPowerUp)

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