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Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Hardware News |

Seagate invests to fully enter the heading of the SSD

Seagate invests to fully enter the heading of the SSD

We know that has money, done enough, despite the “crisis” of hard drives in the end is not as well for reasons already discussed before . What do they do with cash? Buy other companies to expand their market.

In this Seagate is now invested in an Israeli company called DensBits, manufacturer of controllers for solid state drives (SSD), seeking to improve its position in that category where solutions have been explored with hybrid hard drives with memory, unable to enter the market overwhelmingly due to lack of technology.

So the idea is to mark presence in the enterprise market as consumers in general (us), promising an offer that will give customers “a significant cost savings, extremely high stability and unparalleled performance,” they say.

They gave no deadlines on when we will see the first models of Seagate SSD, although depending on how things are happening, it appears that next year the war of solid state drives will be stronger than ever.

Link: Seagate and DensBits team up on solid-state drives for the home, call truce in the war SSD versus HDD (Engadget)

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