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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Hardware News |

SeaMicro SM15000 Server introduces new

SeaMicro SM15000 Server introduces new

Last March, announced the acquisition of SeaMicro by $334 million. Six months later, the first product launched under the umbrella of AMD: server.

On a technical level, the SM15000 is shipped with Xeon processors Sandy Bridge, but is expected to be added in November two bids, one with Ivy Bridge Xeon and other supporting Opteron , AMD. It also has slots 64 and allows a computer to 5 Petabytes total a maximum of 1,408 units of storage, whether or drives SSD memory. It also supports up to 16 16GbE uplinks, and RAM can reach up to 4 TB.

This new model points directly to data center cloud computing. According to Andrew Feldman, general manager of AMD’s server division-, reduced to 75% in energy consumption and occupies one sixth the size of an average server. And adds that remain committed to several generations of Intel processors, despite being direct competition from AMD.

SM15000 prices start at $189,000.

Link: SeaMicro SM15000 server launches high density (The Inquirer)

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