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Posted by on Dec 9, 2012 in Internet |

Sean Parker and Lars Ulrich put aside their differences through Spotify

Sean Parker and Lars Ulrich put aside their differences through Spotify

was once a key figure Napster, especially in its early stages and before was out yet against sharing service that allowed users songs between unchecked. The legal battle between the two sides was quite notorious in his day, he finally won battle and led to the gradual demise of as such.

Times have changed, and now somehow inspired services on Napster are commonplace. Sean Parker is now an investor in Spotify, and Metallica just authorized the appearance of their entire catalog in the service of the green logo. More striking still, both Parker and Lars Ulrich can now sit back and talk the matter, and remember the days when the sidewalks were opposed.

For Ulrich, the theme of the music of Metallica was not a question of money:

“It was never about money, but about control. Being in your bubble and control access. If Napster had approached us first and we have given the options, could have been quite different. But instead, we took control, and everything became an ‘if we bother, we fuck you’.

Instead of Metallica versus Napster, the matter became Metallica against their own fans. “

Meanwhile, Parker recalls that in 1999, people of Napster was painted like greedy people who supported the piracy of music, being that their motives were entirely different: that music should be free and to be distributed more freely, but not necessarily that involved theft.

Controversies aside, Parker and Ulrich now have a fairly friendly, something completely unthinkable 13 years ago.

Link: Enemies No More: Metallica’s Lars Ulrich & Napster’s Sean Parker on the future of music (Venture Beat)

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