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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Science |

Second attempt to repair the electricity of the ISS

Second attempt to repair the electricity of the ISS


For the second time in less than six days, and through a spacewalk transmitted by TV, two members of the International Station (ISS) will attempt to repair a power steering switch on the frame of the ISS.

Managers will Sunita Williams and Akihiko Hoshide, who made this trek on 5 September.

The part that has problems is the MBSU (Main Bus Switching Unit), which is responsible for routing power from the panels, and the problem, they believe, was that desajustó before screwing the frame of the station on 30 August, and the task will finish installing correctly.

The has 4 MSBU (each weighing about 100 kilos) are currently working with the remaining 3. Besides this problem, last Saturday a switch current power broke, causing even more problems Electric Station.

now works with only 5 of the 8 channels are redirecting energy and faulty systems to better utilize available energy and that operations are as normal as possible.

This second attempt will walk number 165 on the Space Station, the sixth in Williams’s career and only the second to Hoshide.

If you want to see the walk, will be next Wednesday at 07:15 AM (local time) on NASA TV.

Link: Next Space Station Spacewalk to Be Broadcast on NASA TV (NASA)

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