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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Gadgets |

Seized 3D printer which ‘Wiki Weapon’ firearms intended print

Seized 3D printer which 'Wiki Weapon' firearms intended print

The firearms printing functional continues to cause controversy, so the efforts of “Weapon Project Wiki” project Cony we spoke here a few months ago and has raised funds to print and print marketing weapons, has suffered major setback: The manufacturer of the 3D Printer has decided to confiscate it to prevent it being used improperly.

As you read: The boys of “Weapon Wiki Project” had gotten together in the Red no more and no less than U.S. $ 20,000 to rent a 3D printer and realize your project: Print and market firearms that function as outlined in The Verge.

The problem is that people do not seem to make any Stratasys be given the grace to use your 3D printer, and even fear getting into trouble, so they decided to confiscate the equipment they rented to responsible for this controversial project.

And is that as explained from Stratasys policies clearly state that it can not be illegal to use 3D printers, and since neither they nor the guys who carry the “Weapon Wiki Project” are licensed to manufacture firearms , yes you may have problems with the law …

So to prevent further setbacks, the head of this project Cody Wilson, told Wired that it intends to continue with plans to print firearms, but in the framework of the law: He said he is considering making the necessary arrangements for a license for the manufacture of firearms, and then find a way to rent another 3D printer and continue the project.

The truth is that I’m excited to know the scope that can take 3D printing, but this use is not exactly the happiest that I have. And it is this “democratize” access point to firearms not to seem logical ends nor appropriate … Do you see any benefit anyone to functional weapons at home?

- 3D printed project gun halts after confiscates rented Stratasys printer (The Verge)
- 3-D Printer Machine Company seizes From Desktop Gunsmith (Wired)
- Open source project intended for anyone to print a 3D functional weapon (Fayerwayer)

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