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Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Venture |

Send your DNA to the moon for $10,000

Send your DNA to the moon for $ 10,000

(CC) Ekhinos

Omega Envoy is a research laboratory of the nonprofit company Earthrise Space, Inc. , one of the teams are competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE , the prize of $30 million for the first private initiative that you can lead a robot to the moon.

For the project continues to develop, the team needs to buy a milling machine with numerical control (CNC) , so they turned to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds through crowdfunding . To encourage donations, Omega Envoy offers rewards to all those who cooperate, from advertising endorsements and scale models of lunar rover to T-shirts and tours of their facilities.

While the ultimate goal of $200,000, only carry around USD $2,000, so it appears to encourage a generous patron, the top prize for those who work with USD $10,000 will take a sample of his to the Moon when they send their robot, which will estimate that in December 2014.

Link: For $ 10,000 on Kickstarter, Google Lunar X-Prize Contender Your DNA Will Land on the Moon (

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