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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Science |

Sensoria: The socks are smart and washable future

Sensoria: The socks are smart and washable future

In times of Google Glass, hundreds of projects and dozens of applications and hardware to measure our performance, personal training and health, there is still room for a pair of comfortable that incorporate a variety of embedded sensors to improve our physical performance.

Why these socks could be the next step toward smart clothing? Initially by the team that develops it. A startup named Heapsylon , based in Redmond, Washington, and formed by former employees of Microsoft, the area of of Kinect for Xbox. Furthermore, because the plates have not Sensoria or chips inside but are designed with a smart fabric, measuring the pressure and distance, among other values, which generates the movement of the person who wears them.

This information is accumulated in an ankle bracelet and through an application installed on your smartphone, we analyze, for example, established based on height, body mass and weight of the user, if your walk, trot or stride is optimal for achieve aerobic obejtivo not affect or enforce other areas of the body or cause injury by a wrong move.

According to its creators, the sock feel normal and like any other in the foot, has no rough spots or harsh and even washed and dried resitirá regular as any other odorous sock.

As reported, the first couple will be sold at a value of approximately U.S. $ 150 (pack of three) and end of the year seek to establish a base price not exceeding U.S. $ 60 to achieve masificarlos.

Link: Wearable Computer-Socks Guaranteed To Be You Own The smelliest Computers (Popular Science)

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