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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Internet |

Sentenced to 4 years imprisonment by the owner of SurfTheChannel video link

Sentenced to 4 years imprisonment by the owner of SurfTheChannel video link

Vickerman Anton has obtained today the tragic distinction of becoming the first British citizen to be jailed for illegal movie link and TV shows. From their website, Vickerman offered links movies and series, which was from its inception in 2007, about U.S. $392 thousand in earnings announcements.

The unpublished ruling is not used as an argument for condemning the violation of as in other cases, but based on profit-using content for which you did not have authorization, the English court convicted for “conspiracy to defraud “and” facilitate and promote copyright infringement. “

This case is part of a covert operation of the MPAA, which associated with the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT Federation Against Copyright Theft), infiltrated agents into the site for evidence against Anton Vickerman, who could have received up to effective 10 years imprisonment, as established by law, but finally received 4 years, according to the court ruled the city of Newcastle. His wife, also charged with the same charges, was released.

“Our investigation uncovered a criminal conspiracy with criminal intent to support a criminal lifestyle and Vickerman is now paying the price,” said Kieron Sharp, FACT Director General.

At its peak in 2010, was among the ten websites most popular streaming links with over 400 000 visitors a day.

Vickerman is not the first person to be charged with unlawful linkear money online. Alan Elis, creator of Oink, was acquitted last year after being charged also with conspiracy to defraud.

Link: Man Gets Jail Time For Linking To Illegal TV Streams (Business Insider)

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