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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Gadgets |

Sergey Brin Glass expects Google go on sale in 2013

Sergey Brin Glass expects Google go on sale in 2013

The co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, participated in a television interview in America, where he allowed the interviewer, Gavin Newsom, testing the prototype of the Glass, augmented reality of the company.

During the interview, Brin takes a picture of Newsom apparently without moving his hands, then allowing the interviewer to try the glasses and saw his picture on the small screen.

The co-founder of Google explained that the idea is to “replace the phone, the PC or whatever to something that is easily accessible”, which “frees my hands frees my eyes,” he said.

As to when these devices could go on sale, Brin said, “These are still a rough prototype, but I have hope that it will come out next year,” but warned that this is only a hope.

The interview will be broadcast to air on Friday night, but the Internet is an excerpt by way of advancement.

Link: Google Glass project release date: co-founder Hopes for 2013 (BGR)

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