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Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in Companies |

ServiceRocket Founder: “We chose Chile for its strong and stable economy” [FW Interview]

ServiceRocket is a company founded and directed by Australian Robert Castaneda dedicated to advising several companies training their employees to master all the tools necessary to properly perform its work in a world whose tools are constantly updated. Among the companies that ServiceRocket are advised, for example, Box and Zendesk .

The company installed last May in Santiago, Chile, the first office opened in Latin America and joins three others in Palo Alto, United States, Sydney, Australia, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

One of the outstanding features of the company is that they have an internal program of rotation where its approximately 120 employees can apply to work in any of the other offices ServiceRocket.

We interviewed Castaneda, who told us his reasons for opening offices in Chile, you see the local infrastructure, and the great interest of the employees of ServiceRocket Australia to come to work in the country.

FW – Why did you choose to Chile to open their offices on this side of the Pacific Rim?

Robert Castaneda - Our company began in Australia, which is where I was born but my father is from El Salvador. Then we expanded to California and Malaysia, which has a large zone, but we needed to cover the space between dusk in Europe and later in California.

We looked for countries like Malaysia which also had a strong and stable economy, which is what we believe is in Chile. In addition, the site’s ranking World Bank has well positioned to Chile over South America and the world number 37 °. We also have facilities for transportation. Since Sydney is about the same distance to go to Santiago like to go to Silicon Valley. About twelve hours.

All these rules are great but the most important is the factor “live here with my family?”. They are here as sometime accompanied me to Malaysia and Palo Alto. If you feel you are not happy here, or do not feel safe I would not be here.

FW – Internet is essential to your work. You have not had problems with the infrastructure in the country?

Robert Castaneda - Last week we went to a service provider and request a fiber optic connection. The next day, I was working. A single day. Even in the United States do not perform the installation in one day, and in Australia we can not have a connection so fast.

FW – What is the program of employee turnover?

Robert Castaneda - In the culture of our company positions in the organizational chart does not reflect the physical location of the person. For example, a supervisor in Malaysia handling people in Palo Alto. No matter the country where you are.

Internally we have a blog where we share photos with all employees of the company and in Australia all have applied to come here. At present, the waiting list is full rotation program for them because they always go to Europe or America. Never have the opportunity to come to South America.

FW – And have had no problems with the level of English of Chileans?

Robert Castaneda - All I have wondered the same thing and no, we had no problems. Currently we are recruiting people, you can make the web page – and we need to fill about 50 or 60 seats in the coming years.



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