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Shamoon is the new virus relative of Flame

Shamoon is the new virus relative of Flame

(Cc) matthewvenn

Were known movements , one that was created by governments with the intention of spying on other governments. And the Flame now have another half distant relative by Kaspersky are you doing the same kind of havoc, although its origin would be quite different.

Under the name Shamoon, making this new virus is to collect information from the infected hard drive and then delete everything. And going even further, say to Kaspersky, it also overwrites the hard drive with “a piece of JPEG file”, so that it becomes impossible to recover lost data.

Of course, is not the work of the government or anything like that, but rather would be a clone created by script kiddies. Moreover, victims of Shamoon (also called Disttrack) were not disclosed, but it was mentioned that at least “a large organization in the energy sector” suffered from the actions of viruses.

Reports from companies stress that the new malware is not aimed at stealing sensitive information from infected hard drives, but simply focuses on destroying everything in its path. For now, the actors involved are still waiting to determine if this is just a trick (as it is the concept), or if there is something greater behind Shamoon.


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