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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

Sharp Intel invests in and helps him escape from the crisis

Sharp Intel invests in and helps him escape from the crisis

Few days ago, we learned that Sharp had mortgaged as collateral most of its facilities in exchange for USD $2,000 million in fresh to revive their industry, which is close to bankruptcy after reporting losses of USD $4,700 million last year 2011 , recording a total debt of no less than USD $16,000 million.

Now, we see that has received another injection of cash to emerge, this time, by way of a generous direct from one of the greatest of technological item: Intel. This company contributed about USD $383 million, which will certainly help to quit Sharp deep hole which is immersed.

What asks in return? Sharp panels do you need the ultrabooks. One consequence of that is that you will surely panels sold to Intel and its partners assemblers for a low price, which could potentially help lower the cost of ultrabooks; mission that companies have looked forward to meeting this year 2012, following poor sales of laptops with a high cost.

This also leaves the Sharp business for home TVs, so wrong item where you been lately, causing the current crisis, now leaning to the development of for PCs and mobile phones, through new technologies such as adopting IGZO (idium gallium zinc oxide), allowing thinner displays and clarity.

Link: Intel Invests in Sharp, Saves It in Exchange for Ultrabook LCDs (Softpedia)

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