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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Entertainment, Featured, Social Networks |

Shiv Singh talks about Google+: “In Google made a mistake and confused users”

As part of the launch of a new global marketing campaign for Pepsi-Pepsi Press and #LiveforNow the head of digital operations of the company referred to some hot topics in recent days and within the framework of social networks, such as for example, Google + and buying Instagram by Facebook.

Shiv Singh And not just any person. Besides being one of the bosses of advertising within Pepsi is also the author of a book called “Social Media Marketing for Dummies” and in an interview with Mashable referred to the situation and their social network Google Google +. For Singh, Google simply “made a mistake” to present your product to the public: “I respect Google, but I really think that the launch of Google + was a mistake because he was introduced as a social being that is more and very different . The only thing they achieved was to confuse users. “

And on the subject of buying Instagram and the amount paid by Facebook , good Singh agrees. “Instagram is only as good as if Facebook did not buy it, then I would have Google or Apple or even Microsoft, and would have served them to throw darts at Facebook. Instagram as a service I think is just phenomenal. “

Finally, Singh said that social media should be like air “flowing over all and through all.” This, pointing to mistake some companies to separate their advertising rates instead of integrating all one way, and that includes social media. “People talking to more people” is the main issue for Shiv Singh.

Turning to Google, Google + undoubtedly has had some problems and some of these problems comes from the company itself, by not providing the initial induction of users to their social network. In my case, I’m registered but I have enough with Facebook, especially when I am not one who spends all day reading or reviewing chismologia my invitations to become a farmer or avenger, as from Google itself consider their service very Facebook differently , so perhaps that says Singh did not make or tickle.

Link: Digital Pepsi Exec: Google ‘Messed Up’ With Google +, Instagram Is ‘Phenomenal’ (Mashable)

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