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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Sina Weibo users must respect points system or your account will be deleted

Sina Weibo users must respect points system or your account will be deleted

The Chinese social network, Sina Weibo has just introduced a points system as a means to control the comments that could – in the opinion of the regulators – distort the network or create rumors against the Chinese government. From Monday each account will have 80 points, while gradually decreasing the closer that you deleted a user account.

Through this system score, aims to control the publication of controversial comments that go against the “social order”. When you reach 60 points the user will be alerted that you are going against the basic rules of good behavior in this network, and if not change the comments you make your account may be suspended soon.

Due to the severe repression to freedom of expression in the Asian country, networks like QQ and have operated as an information alternative to by the authorities for traditional media.

Among the contents is prohibited to publish threatening to the honor of the nation, promote illegal magazines such as gambling or sects, revealing national secrets, calling mass protests or rallies, among others.

The Chinese authorities seek with these changes and measures that Internet users stop using key words to refer to controversy, and thus the order in the country is maintained.

Link: Sina Weibo users will have a points card to control their behavior (Portaltic)

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