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Posted by on Jun 18, 2012 in Internet |

#Sindefensa: First sentence of the Act requires removing links Sinde could not argue

# Sindefensa: First sentence of the Act requires removing links Sinde could not argue

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We started the week with bad news about the release of the Network: The first sentence of the law against links Bajui , forced to remove links to material protected by copyright within 72 hours and unable to claim or defense.

As you read: In the ruling, the Copyright Commission considers a simple Web link “middleman” in the case, as notified about the process that opens against the company that stores the content, Swiss uploaded . com , while it forces you to remove the links without the right to comment.

Therefore, no legal action the verdict and can say nothing: It is a mere intermediary so you should simply remove the links, or refuse, in which case they would incur a very serious offense and is liable to a fine of between 150,000 and 600,000 euros.

How does this translate? The online lawyer Carlos Sanchez Almeida points out in his blog that the first sentence reflects that on the Internet has arrived, it explains that:

“Those responsible for the websites reported the censors imposed a duty to monitor all your links, present or future, under the threat of being held accountable for them, and a fine of 600,000 euros if they do not obey the order of removal of content . Such taxation, and the impossibility of defense in the proceeding, not being considered an interested party, is in practice a dictatorship informative. “

The case is particularly serious because the decision to leave the Spanish site to share links as a mere intermediary would violate their right to claim … Come on, do not let him defend himself! You must obey the order to remove the links or yes, unless you want to pay up to 600 000 euros fine.

This first action leaves the door open to later be forced, as pointed out by Almeida, to all those responsible for websites reported having to check every link posted to see that not “infringe copyright”, which to the fear of being punished, the makers themselves from these websites would become a sort of police service to the Internet censorship.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Internet users show their rejection of the first sentence of the Law antidescargas, explaining his arguments and ideas with the tag #Sindefensa … Any other idea to speak out against this law that clearly is to limit our freedoms in the network and also our right to defense?

- The first resolution of the Act requires removing links Sinde without the possibility of claiming (El Mundo)
- Law Sinde-Wert: the censorship commission starts working (perpetual check)

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