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Posted by on Sep 15, 2012 in Software |

Siri would be the way to iMac, according to Apple’s new patent

Siri would be the way to iMac, according to Apple's new patent

Siri, the personal assistant vaunted introduced last year with the iPhone 4, currently only present in their mobile phones. But that could change in the future, and just by the presentation of the refurbished that is rumored to be made in October .

And is that certain patents would indicate the clear intentions of carrying Apple to the world of desktop, specifically, the iMac. These Patents indicate a new system where “electronic equipment could process locally or remotely.” Such electronics could pass “one or more prerecorded voice commands and contextual information associated with computer equipment as a desktop.”

There’s more: “A media player application such as Apple’s iTunes, could make an appropriate action in response to a voice command and associated contextual data.” For if there was no clear enough, also indicated the possibility of making recommendations of songs that are similar to those of the playlist through-again, just like Siri voice commands.

For now all this has to be taken as hearsay or rumors. But the fact is that the launch of the new iTunes in October , at a date close to the attempted introduction of the new iMac seems the perfect setting to introduce Siri on the desktop, the timing of Apple seems to be too accurate.

Link: Siri may arrive on iMacs next, According To Apple patent (Venture Beat)

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