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Site protected material that connected closed after being locked in United Kingdom

Site protected material that connected closed after being locked in United Kingdom

The move to block a site in a country because it seems to have surrendered pirate its first fruit, following the decision of Newzbin2 to remove the service, offering links to pirated content. opened after the death of the original Newzbin, who ended his days with a huge debt after being sued by the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

The second version was supposedly a new administration and would be governed by the rules established by the CEA Act, which allows companies to request the removal of material or a link if this infringes copyright.

In July last year, the music industry won a lawsuit that forced the UK to block access to Newzbin2, as was repeated with The Pirate Bay , although in that case it did not work so well . At the time of the crash, said Newzbin2 it would be useless because the user already had a way to skip it, using software.

By blocking other ISPs joined Newzbin2 trouble. The site had staff problems, “caused by the departure of most of our editors without replacement”. It also became difficult to achieve earn income. “All our payment providers began to run out or scared. The sued PayPal and is persecuting innocent our payment provider in the United States, Ltd. Our other provider Kthxbai understandably lost patience. The result? We have no payment providers and no realistic way of getting money, “the group said in a statement .

Newzbin2 never managed to be so popular with the first version of the site, and did not exceed 40,000 registered users, with a small fraction of them participating as paid subscribers. “It costs much more to operate the site that we earn, not just calculations give, “they said. Finally add the site does not return as a search service, although it may be replaced in the future by a blog.

In the end, what was more important in the closure was financial asphyxiation rather than blocking, but that does not guarantee that the measure to censor pirate sites is not repeated.

Link: Newzbin2 kicks the bucket (HEXUS)

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