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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Featured, Gadgets |

Six new notebook designs that come with Windows 8

Six new notebook designs that come with Windows 8

8, touch screens and physical keyboards. That seems to be the formula that will dominate the PC market by the end of the year, especially considering the launch of Microsoft’s new operating system, an essential part of this mix that aims taken by surprise as the caption of notebooks such as tablets.

Does the promise? Portability, energy independence and functionality without compromise, seeking to bring together the best of the world of traditional PCs and devices in the post-PC era, in this case, tablets. Because no one can live without the programs and the Windows ecosystem, or a physical keyboard which type quickly. This, together with the introduction of touch panels as the futuristic trend that science fiction promised us years ago, which together provide productivity and comfort under one package.

This is what we should expect in the next two months before Christmas, with many manufacturers already showing their bets in this new game and several others preparing for the launch of innovative alternatives. Thus, we present the design of equipment layouts or or convertible until now, have been accepted with open arms by various manufacturers.

The lead of Intel

Six new notebook designs that come with Windows 8 image 2

When it launched its internal hardware platform called ultrabook, knew that in addition to allowing the manufacture of conventional notebooks very thin, this product would serve as a basis for the design of hybrid and convertible of all kinds, under the eaves of Windows 8. Thus, the company repeatedly showed its reference designs for the rest of the manufacturers take as guides when designing their own products. In 2012 Brazil Fair IDF, Intel dropped fondling these devices, which you can check in all their vast range of varieties .

With folding screen

Six new notebook designs that come with Windows 8 image 3

First shown by and its IdeaPad YOGA , this design lives up to its name by having a display able to fold completely back, without having a limit of how far when we open the laptop. This allows you to rotate the panel to the base of the notebook itself, have a single flat table with the keyboard below the screen and above, showing the user interface in Modern UI, like a tablet. So, is the option to use it as a traditional notebook or as a (very thick) tablet.

In addition to the IdeaPad YOGA , also caught in the format and showed the AX Series , which will be available for sale from October 26.

The screen giraloca

Six new notebook designs that come with Windows 8 image 4

Dell has long been flirting with this kind of equipment, but now in the hands of Windows 8 have done their absolute declaration of love for hybrids, through the newly introduced XPS 12 Duo . Here we imagine a conventional notebook, with the framework of the normal screen but voilà, the inner panel is rotated about a central axis. This allows instead of closing the lid of the machine with the screen facing down, it is facing up, yet still usable because of course, is tactile.

Solves the problem of and Panasonic AX Series, which when folded, leaving the keys in the bottom exposed. The Duo XPS 12 will be released on October 26 at a price of USD $1,200.

Hiding and sliding keyboard

Six new notebook designs that come with Windows 8 image 5

This is the reference format for Intel given that we show in the image header and cover, which is presented as one of the most important and will surely be adopted by several manufacturers before the end of the year. At first glance it looks like a flat tablet, however, you can deploy a full physical keyboard from her womb, being held upright such as a notebook.

So far, and have been the first to jump on this boat, through the respective models S20 Slider and VAIO Duo , with the latter showing very high technical performance level of a traditional notebook, for example, by including a backlit keyboard, excellent connectivity and the presence of central processors Intel Core i7, at a price that starts at $ 1,100 USD, while the MSI option will sell for $ 800.

With keyboard that takes

Six new notebook designs that come with Windows 8 image 6

In the past, experimented with this design in its Transformer series based on the Android mobile operating system, passing now to Windows 8 via the new Live Live Tab and Tab RT . The idea is simple: a separate tablet has the option of being anchored to a full-sized physical keyboard, through various bonding methods.

In addition, seems to have excited the model, taking its top line brand Envy to present the Envy x2 , device will sell for $ 1,100.

Surface: The keyboard is just an accessory

Six new notebook designs that come with Windows 8 image 7

Finally, this latest design hardly falls into the category of hybrid or convertible, but by their appearance and the type of use that will be given, it may be considered within this segment. Because is a tablet running Windows 8, RT variants or Pro, and also be a simple flat panel has an integrated pedestal at the rear which allows a vertical stand.

The novelty here is the accessory Touch Cover, a cover and protects the equipment is anchored to it and offers a full physical keyboard, along with a touch pad to control the mouse pointer. As we said, comes in two variants: with Windows 8 Pro (x86) or Windows 8 RT (ARM), at a price that starts from $ 499.

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